LifeHub v4.0

Release Details

Current General Release: v4.0.0
Release Date: May 2017


Release Highlights 

LifeHub has been rearchitected and is now hosted in a new environment with improved scalability, availability and data security.

LifeHub 4.0 incorporates an updated database engine that provides much improved fault tolerance, recovery and security over LifeHub 3.5.

The LifeHub web application now uses an auto-scaling cluster with auto-recovery rather than a single instance. What this means is additional application instances are automatically brought on line as required to meet the demands on the application. As a result, as more users access LifeHub, performance and application responsiveness do not suffer. If for some reason an application instance fails or is performing poorly, it will be automatically taken offline and restarted, with the remaining instances sharing the load.

LifeHub is now accessed via a worldwide Content Delivery Network (CDN). This provides over 110 global points of presence to provide the lowest possible connection latency to LifeHub.

LifeHub now supports SSO authentication for any SAML compatible identity provider such as Active Directory Federation Services. Groups within the customer directory can be mapped onto the user roles within LifeHub.

Geo-location is shown in Alarm Export data export.

The automatic alarm refresh and fleet overview refresh functionality have been improved and now work more efficiently with larger datasets.

LifeHub users with invalid notification contact details are clearly indicated.

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