Where can I find my LifeBand ID?

The LifeBand ID, or serial number, is a six digit number comprising of numbers and/or letters.

On the LifeBand

It can be found on the charging port of the LifeBand, underneath the four gold contacts.

The serial number is also printed on the outside of the blue box that the LifeBand comes in: both in text and QR code. This serial number is the long form serial number, when using this serial number only reference the last 6 digits.

In the LifeDisplay or Life app

The serial number of your LifeBand can be found on the Connections screen of the Life app. This is the default screen of the Life app on launch. The LifeBand will only show up if it has previously connected to the Life app before or if the LifeBand is on and has a Bluetooth connection.


In LifeHub

The LifeBand serial number in LifeHub can be found in the operator page by navigating from the Main menu to People then Operators. The Serial number will only appear if the LifeBand serial number has been imported and assigned to Operators.

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