Workflow example of hardware issue

1. User reports to supervisor: “Display doesn’t work and is only showing a black screen”
2. Supervisor logs job
3. Field technician takes job and goes out to the vehicle with faulty display carrying tools and spare parts.
4. Through process of elimination the field technician finds that the display’s power connector is damaged causing the screen not the power up. He replaces and reconfigures the display in the vehicle.
5. The field technician reports the faulty display in an RMA request that is sent off to SmartCap Customer Support.
6. The faulty display is sent to SmartCap Customer Support using the RMA process and replaced within 10 business days because the item was still covered by warranty.
7. The field technician receives the replacement unit and puts it into inventory for future usage.

Impact: This job took the field tech 20 minutes, not including travel time. The downtime of the system is limited to the time if took for the operator/supervisor to escalate the issue to the field tech.

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