Reassigning Headwear between Operators

SmartCap headwear can be reassigned between operators to ensure that an operator’s individual fatigue profile can be tracked across multiple items of headwear.  When operators leave the business or will no longer be using their SmartCap for other reasons, their headwear can be un-assigned until it is required by another operator. 

Un-assigning and reassigning of headwear retains all of the fatigue data from that headwear against the operator it was previously assigned to, up until the time that it was un-assigned.

You must always un-assign headwear from the previous operator prior to re-assigning to a new the operator.


Un-assigning Headwear

1. To un-assign headwear go to “Operators” in “Config” menu, select the operator that was using the headwear, click on the “Edit” icon.


2. In the Modify Operator pop up, go to the Headwear Tab and click on the x next to the headwear you want to un-assign and then “Save”.

This headwear will now be un-assigned in the headwear list.  To confirm this select “Headwear” from the “Config” tab, find the headwear ID you un-assigned, it should have un-assigned listed as the Operator.


3. Now that the headwear is un-assigned it can be stored until it is required again.  When the headwear is re-allocated to another operator, you can follow the process for assigning headwear to the new operator once it is first used or simply re-assign by going to the “Headwear” tab in “Config” and clicking on “Unassigned” next to the headwear details and assigning it to an operator.



NOTE: Once headwear is re-assigned, it will re-assign all of the fatigue records for that headwear back to the date it was un-assigned.  So you need to ensure you are re-assigning headwear when it is re-issued.

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