Creating Alarm Rules in LifeHub

Login to your LIfeHub and click "Alarm Rules". This will get you to the alarm rules section. 

Clicking the “+ NEW ALARM RULE” button below the list of alarms provides a simple interface to configure a new SmartCap alarm. Alarms can be set as operator alarms (SmartCap display in the truck), control alarms (for Dispatch), both or neither. When set to neither the alarms will appear in the reports, but will never be triggered on the SmartCap display in the truck or the LifeHub.

Each alarm is categorised as an information alarm or fatigue alarm. The difference between the two types is how they are displayed on the SmartCap display in the truck. A non-critical alarm, e.g. Operator not wearing SmartCap would typically be configured as an information alarm, whereas an alarm based on the operator’s fatigue level would typically be configured as a fatigue alarm. 

To configure a new alarm, fill in all of the relevant areas in the "Add New Alarm Rule" screens. The "Add New Alarm Rule" has three tabs. All need to be filled out.



Rule Tab

The first tab when creating a new alarm rule contains the basic rule criteria.




Operator Alarm Tab





Control Alarm Tab



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