Scheduled Operator Report

The scheduled reports provide the user with the ability to generate all individual operator reports at once, instead of doing it separately. Only the administrator user has the ability to schedule these reports

The operator reports can be scheduled in two types

  1. New Bulk Operator Report
  2. New Scheduled Report


New Bulk Operator Report 

The Bulk operator report can be scheduled by Reports > Scheduled > New Report.

When the reports are generated, the completed task will be visible in the top right corner. Click on the green area and then click on the download. The bulk reports will be downloaded as a file.



New Scheduled Report

The scheduled report can be configured by navigating to Reports > Scheduled > New Report and selecting "Create New Scheduled Report" from the "Report Type" drop down menu

The Scheduled bulk operator report once created, sends all the operator reports as a zip file to the configured email. The email can be configured for multiple id’s with a semi colon. If the number of operators are more, the zip files will be divided and sent as multiple emails.

All the configured scheduled reports will be available in the Scheduled Report page.

To edit the scheduled report navigate to Reports > Scheduled. Find the respective scheduled reports and click edit (pencil icon).


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