Assigning Headwear to Operators

The SmartCap headwear contains a unique ID. This is the number that is labelled on the headwear, shown on the LifeDisplay in the truck and shown in LifeHub.

The headwear ID can be linked to an operator. Operators can have one or more pieces of headwear assigned to them.

When an operator starts using SmartCap headwear that hasn’t been assigned yet, it will come up as ‘unassigned'. This will also occur when a SmartCap has been unassigned from a previous owner.

The headwear ID can enter the LifeHub when an operator starts using the headwear on a SmartCap system that is connected to LifeHub, or when an Administrator imports headwear IDs from a file (see section 12).

If headwear shows as “Unassigned”, an information box will appear beside it.


To assign the headwear, click on the word “Unassigned”, and select the operator you wish to assign it to from the dropdown list.

The Operator list contains all operators. The Headwear list contains all unassigned headwear. It is recommended to verify the headwear ID (X-number) before assigning.


NOTE: New operators can be created in the “Config” menu under “Operators”, or by clicking the “+ NEW OPERATOR” button.


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