USING THE SYSTEM: Quick Start Guide (QSG)

This article is about the original SmartCap hardware. For Life by SmartCap hardware, please go to Life by SmartCap

Remove the Card from the Dock

Remove the processor card from the dock, either display or base unit.

*NOTE: When docked, the processor card gets charged, upgraded and paired.*




Insert the Processor Card

Slide the processor card into the red dock of your SmartCap headwear: click it into place. 

The card will automatically turn itself on (indicated by two flashes).

The orange light will blink while the card connects to your display.




Wear the Cap like any other Cap

Ensure the sweatband makes contact with the forehead. Keep hair away from the sweatband.

The cap or headband should feel firm but comfortable.




The System Start Up

You’re ready to go! Fatigue calculations are automatic and are indicated by a progress bar or fatigue number on the screen.

You may need to follow some simple instructions, if prompted.




The Display

The Display will show a fatigue level and the battery status of the processor card.





Alarms and Notifications


SmartCap provides alarms at various levels; the system is configured with some standard alarms, however these are able to be configured as required.

Check the alarm rule configuration for your system in the display menu (MENU > ALARM RULES)

In the standard alarm configuration, you will be alarmed:

  • if you are at fatigue level 3 for more than 45 minutes
  • if you reach fatigue level 4
  • if you stay at fatigue level 4 for 3 mins

If an alarm goes off on the display, acknowledge the alarm by pressing anywhere on the screen.


Dispatch will be alarmed:

  • if you stay at fatigue level 4 for 3 mins

Dispatch will be notified:

  • if you are not wearing your cap
  • when the cap does not measure a level of fatigue
  • when the cap cannot connect to the display



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