Remote Firmware Upgrade (OTA) - what to expect in the vehicle

 This article is about the original SmartCap hardware. For Life by SmartCap hardware, please go to Life by SmartCap

SmartCap firmware upgrades are most commonly performed remotely and over the air (OTA). This applies to SmartCap Mining systems as well as SmartCap Remote systems. Personal systems do not have a connection to Fatigue Manager and require to be upgraded 

The process:  the new firmware will be uploaded to the SmartCap systems well before the day of the upgrade. This action will be performed from the Fatigue Manager.
On the day of the upgrade trucks will all be upgraded at the same time, depending on their availability and comms status.
Operators will be briefed at the toolbox talk at the start of the shift. A slideshow presentation can be made available to brief operators on what they can expect during the upgrade.

NOTE: During the upgrade there will be a short period of down-time of the systems in the trucks. The Fatigue Manager will not experience any down-time. 


Step 1: (2min)

SmartCap Display shows firmware update message:

ACTION: This is when you need to make sure all cards are docked in the base unit


Step 2: (2min)

SmartCap Display will shutdown, upgrade and start up again:

ACTION: Wait 10 minutes for the system to upgrade the base unit and all cards docked in the base unit


Step 3: (10min)

During the upgrade of the cards the orange status light will be ON.

ACTION: Once upgraded the orange LED will turn of and then blink 3 times.
You can now use the system again


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