How long has SmartCap been around?

How can you be sure it is safe? Will you put your name behind it?

SmartCap has been used in mining operations since mid-2008, and has been commercially available through SmartCap Technologies (formerly known as EdanSafe) since 2012.

The questions of how long SmartCap has been around are usually related to whether or not sufficient time has been made available for long term studies and the safety of using SmartCap long term.

While SmartCap is relatively new, the components that make it up are not. There’s been decades of testing on the elements that make up SmartCap, which have shown them to be safe. These tests are known as longitudinal epidemiological studies, and the results are used to form standards. It is these standards that must be complied with before a product can be released.

The reality is, products are released every day. Take for example a new smart TV. That particular brand and model of TV hasn’t been through decades of human trials to ensure that it is safe for long term use. Instead, there are standards and guidelines that have been formed and improved over time that apply to that brand and model of TV, as well as every other brand and model of TV.

The same logic applies to products like SmartCap.

SmartCap complies with all of the necessary standards.

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