Upgrade SmartCap Display Firmware

This article is about the original SmartCap hardware. For Life by SmartCap hardware, please go to Life by SmartCap


Why update?

The SmartCap team are always looking to improve the user experience, add features or fix any bugs in the system software.

Updating your SmartCap hardware with the latest software release and using this guide will ensure you have the most robust and user friendly tools to effectively manage fatigue.

What you will need

  • Mini USB data cable
  • PC running Windows® XP or later equivalent
  • The SmartCap Software Update Tool
  • The relevant DFU firmware build provided by your SmartCap™ provider
  • SmartCap power adaptor if updating software in offline units
  • A charged SmartCap Processor card and cap for testing your hardware when the firmware upgrade is complete.

Installing SmartCap Firmware Upgrade Software on your PC

Download the software from

To start the installation, double-click or run the MSI installation file. This will launch the setup wizard, which navigates you through a typical installation process.

You will need to review and accept the terms in the License Agreement and confirm the installation location to successfully install the Firmware Upgrade tool.

Below are some screenshots of the installation process:


If installing the SmartCap Firmware Upgrade tool on a Windows system, you will need to verify the driver software by selecting the “Install” option from the prompt shown below.

The installation process will complete, and you will be able to launch the SmartCap Firmware Upgrade tool from the Start menu or Programs list on your PC.


Upgrading SmartCap Firmware

If you’re upgrading the SmartCap Display firmware, it’s a good idea to note what version of SmartCap firmware you currently have installed. You can find this by navigating through the touchscreen menu on the SmartCap Display.
Select MENU, then select ABOUT. The system firmware version currently loaded will be displayed. You should keep a record of this for later.

STEP 1: Connect the SmartCap device (Display or Base Unit) to your computer via a standard Mini USB data cable.
STEP 2: Reset the device by pressing the RESET button on the device back plate.
STEP 3: Launch the SmartCap Firmware Upgrade tool.
STEP 4: Confirm that the SmartCap device has been recognised. If so, you will see an entry “STM Device in DFU Mode” in the list of available devices.

If this does not occur, reset the device again as in STEP 2.
STEP 5: Select the new firmware build you wish to install by clicking on “Choose File…” and navigating to the file provided by your SmartCap provider.
NOTE: The file should have a DFU file extension.
STEP 6: Ensure that the “Verify after upgrade” option is selected.
STEP 7: Click “Upgrade” to start the process. You will see a progress bar which will indicate when the process is complete.
STEP 8: When the process is complete, close the SmartCap Firmware Upgrade tool by clicking “Quit”, unplug the USB cable and reset your SmartCap device as in STEP 2. 

Verifying the Upgrade

There are two steps you should take to confirm that the upgrade has been successful.

STEP 1: Check the firmware version

By navigating through the touchscreen menu on the SmartCap Display, you can check the currently installed firmware version.

Select MENU, then select ABOUT.

The version number should match with the DFU file that you just installed. If it doesn’t, you should go through the firmware upgrade process again, making sure you select the correct DFU file.

You should also compare the current version with the version you noted at the start of the process. If there is no change, your device may not have required an upgrade.

STEP 2: Test your upgraded system

You can test the new functionality of your SmartCap unit by establishing a Bluetooth connection using a charged SmartCap Fatigue Processor card and your cap.

Whether installed in a piece of operational equipment or on your office desk, the SmartCap Display and Base Unit will allow you to monitor your fatigue.

If Bluetooth connection is established as expected and a fatigue measurement is being reported you can be confident that the firmware upgrade was completed successfully.



These instructions are also available for download as PDF: 

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