Memory Full? Remove data from SmartCap Display

Have you received a warning that the memory of your SmartCap Display is (almost) full? 

Follow these steps to remove data to free more memory. On the display menu:

  1. Touch MENU > ADVANCED
  2. Type in the PIN of your Display (contact SmartCap Support if you don't know the PIN)
  3. Touch CLEAR DATA > OK > OK
  4. Wait for the task to complete



Use the SmartCap LogDownloader to download any LOG files prior to data removal in case you need them, e.g. not used without connection to Fatigue Manager.

LogDownloader Instruction Manual (854KB) - Instruction Manual for downloading SmartCap data on Windows using LogDownloader v1.7.2.

LogDownloader v1.7.2 (1,515KB) – Windows application for downloading and decrypting SmartCap data.

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