Users and User Roles

Creating and Modifying Users

LifeHub allows for multiple users to login to the web application. Each user has its own username, profile and password. When creating a user one of the requirements is to assign a user role to the user. The next section will give a further explanation on the differences between the user roles.


To create a new user click the “+ NEW USER” button and fill out all the details on both the “Account” and the “Profile” tab.


User Roles

Four user roles are configured for each with a unique set of permissions. An overview of these user roles is shown in the table below.

Here are a few notes on some of the items that may require some explanation:

  1. Fleet Overview – for privacy reasons not all user roles are allowed to see Fatigue Levels on the Fleet Overview screen.
  2. Acknowledge alarms – acknowledging alarms often requires contact with the operator and/or additional information to be recorded. Admin and Supervisors do not always have access to either.
  3. Edit user profile – Control Room users often use a shared account and are therefore not allowed to edit their own user profile. Administrators are allowed to change the profiles of the other user.

V, A, E & D are used to indicate view, add, edit and delete.

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