NOTE: This feature is only available on LifeHub and cloud hosted Fatigue Managers.

A notification can be sent to a designated contact person by email and/or SMS. To set this up a ‘Notification Rule’ must be created. Before this can be done a few parameters need to be verified or set.


1. Contact Person: create a user who will be assigned as contact person for the operator. Ensure the user is marked as recipient and that the contact details are filled out correctly. The international phone number format is required when entering the phone number – including the “+’, e.g. +61733456789.

Go to USERS > +NEW USER > Fill out the user details (screenshots below)

Click “Save”




2. Operator: assign a ‘first tier’ and if needed also a ‘second tier’ contact to the operator.


Edit operator by clicking on the pencil icon for the particular operator

Navigate to the “Notification Contact” tab and select the users who should be assigned as the operator’s Tier 1 and/or Tier 2 contact

Click “Save”



3. Notification Rule: the final step is setting up the rule based on ‘alarm rule’, ‘number of alarms’, ‘duration’ and ‘contact’.


Go to “Notifications” > “Rules” > “+NEW NOTIFICATION RULE”

  1. Name: Give the new rule a name
  2. Alarm: Select the alarm rule to be used to trigger the notification
  3. Contact: select the contact tier to be notified with this rule
  4. Alarm Count: number of alarms to trigger the notification
  5. Alarm Period: alarms within this duration are considered before triggering a notification
  6. Alert By: select email or SMS. If a notification is triggered on ‘old data’, i.e. older than one hour, the SMS notification is delivered by email.

Click “Save”

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