Navigating the Dashboard


1. The list of equipment currently fitted with SmartCap hardware that has been configured to connect with the SmartCap LifeHub Server. 


2. The current status of the system. This may be a fatigue level, an indication if the system is active or is recently online, or an indication if the operator is wearing or using the SmartCap system. The possible states shown in the Status column are shown on the next page.

3. A link that allows you to view the operator profile, including fatigue history of the operator, currently in each plant. This will open a new page showing a graph of fatigue levels over time.


4. This area will show any alarms that require the attention of Fatigue Manager users. Configuring these alarms and acknowledging alarms are covered in the next section. 


5. This shows your username and user role. You can go here to log off or view and edit your user profile.


6. Count of alarms for operator in the current shift. It only counts the alarms of a designated alarm rule. In this version of Fatigue Manager the designated alarm rule can only be configured by SmartCap Support. The maximum number of alarms that is shown is limited to five.



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