Charging and Testing

This article is about the original SmartCap hardware. For Life by SmartCap hardware, please go to Life by SmartCap

The battery life of the battery in the SmartCap processor card lasts about 6 hours, depending on many factors, including usage.

Whilst connecting to a display and when having the Cap Off the power usage is a lot higher and the battery will level will drop quicker.

If the battery completely discharges during operation, the Processor Card will break the wireless connection with the SmartCap Display.

The SmartCap Display will alert the operator, saying no Processor Card is connected. Swap Processor Cards when this happens and charge the Processor Card with empty battery by inserting it in one of the docks in the SmartCap Display or Base Unit.

When a Processor Card is inserted into one of the docks of either the SmartCap Display or Base Unit, it automatically runs several diagnostic tests (including firmware upgrade and pairing) and starts charging.

Whilst being charged the processor card will show a solid red LED.

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