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This article is about the original SmartCap hardware. For Life by SmartCap hardware, please go to Life by SmartCap

The SmartCap Information Series is an ever-growing collection of articles covering every facet of the SmartCap technology - from the underlying science through to the best uses for data collected. Each issue is standalone, and provide an in-depth look at a single topic. 


The SmartCap system provides information to assist equipment operators in the management of fatigue through their shift. This document provides a detailed, inside look at how SmartCap fatigue levels are calculated, and what they represent.

Download here [685kb]

Since our early designs, SmartCap headwear has come a long way. Every SmartCap headwear design goes through stringent fitness-for-purpose testing, which pushes well beyond everyday use. This is so that we, and you, can be confident that your SmartCap headwear will stand the test of time. This document provides a detailed look at the testing performed.

Download here [643kb]

Introducing SmartCap into your everyday operations often prompts a review of fatigue-related policies, the most notable being the Fitness for Work or Fitness for Duty policy. This document offers some guidance for those considering integrating SmartCap with existing processes, and provides specific examples of how other SmartCap users have done the same.

Download here [610kb]

Not everyone is used to wearing headwear throughout the working shift. Some even find discomfort to the point of experiencing headaches. This document provides some background information about headwear and headaches, and gives some useful tips to ensuring a comfortable SmartCap experience.

Download here [585kb]

Fatigue Manager gives you the ability to generate data reports for insight into fatigue profiles, particular events or system utilisation. This document discusses each of the reports available in Fatigue Manager, and provides guidance on interpreting the information to draw useful conclusions.

Download here [653kb]

While also providing valuable information to the organisation, the primary purpose of the SmartCap is to give information directly to the operator in support of their own fatigue management. Through our direct involvement with SmartCap deployments around the globe, we often come across stories worth sharing. Here are a few of the positive experiences from SmartCap users.

Download here [568kb]


Coming Soon  

  • High Alarm Rate? How to validate SmartCap data.
  • Level 3+, the Early Warning – An Inside Look
  • Using SmartCap data to make change – for individuals
  • Using SmartCap data to make change – for organisations
  • Exploring the data – a guide to advanced analysis
  • Preparing for shift – transitioning between rosters
  • Preparing for shift – a guide to good sleep hygiene
  • Ability to resist sleep versus how we feel
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