Fatigue Manager - system level architecture

Fatigue Manager is the predecessor of Life Hub. For information on SmartCap LifeHub, please go to SmartCap Lifehub.

SmartCap Fatigue Manager is a database-driven Web application that can be locally hosted (as a virtual machine or directly on the host operating system) or cloud hosted.

Fatigue Manager supports both MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases, which may be hosted on a dedicated database server, or on the same operating system as the web application services. 



Three primary services make up the Fatigue Manager application suite as follows:

Web Server: Apache (MS Windows installations) or NGINX and uwsgi (Linux installations)

Comms Server: Handles incoming and outgoing transactions between the plant (SmartCap units) and the database

Notification Server: Used for processing SMS and email notifications based on configurable notification criteria (Only available to cloud-hosted instances at present)

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