Creating New Alarms

Fatigue Manager is the predecessor of Life Hub. For information on SmartCap LifeHub, please go to SmartCap Lifehub.

Clicking the “+ NEW ALARM RULE” button below the list of alarms provides a simple interface to configure a new SmartCap alarm. Alarms can be set as operator alarms (SmartCap display in the truck), control alarms (for Dispatch), both or neither. When set to neither the alarms will appear in the reports, but will never be triggered on the SmartCap display in the truck or the Fatigue Manager.

Each alarm is categorised as an information alarm or fatigue alarm. The difference between the two types is how they are displayed on the SmartCap display in the truck. A non-critical alarm (e.g. Operator not wearing SmartCap) would typically be configured as an information alarm, whereas an alarm based on the operators fatigue level would typically be configured as a fatigue alarm. 

To configure a new alarm, fill in all of the relevant areas in the Add New Alarm Rule screens (shown above). The Add New Alarm Rule has three tabs. All need to be filled out.

Rule Tab

The first tab when creating a new alarm rule contains the basic rule criteria.




It is recommended that each be given a unique name that clearly describes it.


Choose whether this is an information alarm or fatigue alarm


The system status (which can be a fatigue level) that is to be used as the criteria for the alarm.


How long the Status must be present before the alarm is triggered. You can also configure what percentage of the duration that status must be present.


Choose for what percentage of the “Duration” the “Status” must be true

Re-alarm time

Time to re-alarm (after the first alarm) if the alarm condition is still met. For example, “Level 3 for 45 mins” alarm retriggered every 5 mins while operator still at Level 3.

Cluster Duration

When specified alarms that are triggered within this period will be counted as one alarm. See section 4.3 on page 10.


Operator Alarm Tab



Operator Alarm

Tick this box if you would like the operator to receive this alarm

Alert Control Room

Select a non-zero time in seconds if you’d like the control room to be alerted that the operator has not acknowledged the alarm in-cab.


Control Alarm Tab


Control Alarm

Tick this box if you would like the operator to receive this alarm

Control Alarm Delay

Enter any required delay before the control room is notified of this alarm.

Required Action Message

The action message provided to Fatigue Manager users.



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