Problem vs Incident Ticket

For any known issues with the SmartCap product suite, we create a ticket to provide updates on our progress towards a resolution. This tracking-style ticket is referred to as a "Problem Ticket". 

If a SmartCap customer reports an issue which turns out to be an instance of a known issue, that report ticket is classified as an "Incident Ticket" which is linked to the Problem Ticket. 

If you report an issue that is related to an existing, known issue, that means two things:

  1. We will be prepared to provide you with any workarounds or alternatives to improve your SmartCap experience and get you up and running again; and
  2. You may notice your ticket is closed before we resolve the issue. If that happens, it's because we have linked your report as an incident of the Known Issue, and will continue tracking our progress in the Problem Ticket. 
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