Fatigue Manager bandwidth requirements

Fatigue Manager is the predecessor of Life Hub. For information on SmartCap LifeHub, please go to SmartCap Lifehub.

The SmartCap is a very low bandwidth system. It is designed to send a fatigue level and a small number of IDs and timestamps to the server every 30 seconds.


Bandwidth and Latency:

The SmartCap system in the vehicle initiates the connection and sends a message (unicast) every 30 seconds.

The server will respond with a packet acknowledging receipt of the data. The SmartCap system in the wehicle waits up to 120 seconds for an ACK from the server.

There are two scenarios where the bandwidth usage goes up:

  1. Buffered data (vehicle to server): once connection re-established after comms outage the buffered data gets sent every 5 seconds instead of 30 seconds (70 kBps for 200 vehicles)
  2. Firmware upgrades (server to vehicles): 5 kbps per vehicle for about 20 minutes. That would be 1 Mbps for 20 min if all systems were to be upgraded at the same time

 The numbers above are estimates and may vary depending on usage.

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