SmartCap Implementation - A Phased Approach

Over the years we have refined our approach for deploying SmartCap. Although we always recognise the unique needs of each deployment, we have found that a phased approach works best. This article outlines the typical phases involved in a SmartCap deployment. 

Phase 1 – Preparation – Duration 6 to 8 weeks

Phase 1 is targeted at understanding the project, the technology and how SmartCap will fit into your business.  This phase requires the early identification of the key project resources and continued engagement of the project team and other key stakeholders.  Also included in this phase is the completion of installations, setting up the requested IT infrastructure and the development of required processes and procedures to commence using SmartCap.  This phase normally lasts between six to eight weeks.

Phase 2 – Familiarisation – Duration 4 weeks

Phase 2 is to provide operators with an opportunity to use and understand how SmartCap works in an operational environment, learn about their own fatigue levels and the opportunity to start to self-manage based on the real time feedback they are receiving.  An important part of this phase is that no remotely monitored alarms or interventions would occur based on SmartCap fatigue levels.  This phase normally lasts for approx. four weeks.

This phase provides the business with the opportunity to understand how they will support the system going forward, including the development of reports, processes around the management of SmartCap onsite, the intervention process for fatigue alarms and feedback mechanisms to operators to learn about their fatigue levels.

Phase 3 – Full Implementation – Duration 8 weeks

Phase 3 is where the intervention process in dealing with fatigue alarms and fatigue management for the business is activated.  Any required processes, procedures, policies or work instruction developed as part of the initial phases of the project will be updated and finalised to ensure a sustainable implementation.  This phase will generally run for eight weeks to ensure sustainability.

Phase 4 - Close Out

Successfully completing this phase will mean that SmartCap has become part of the way you work.  The required training has been provided to the relevant people; processes and procedures have been tested and proven to support the ongoing use of SmartCap. 

Reporting and analysis of the data generated from SmartCap is being used by individuals to support themselves in their personal fatigue management and by the business to support decision making around fatigue management.

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