System status descriptions

The table below shows the description of each status shown in Fatigue Manager. 



System Online

This is showing that the operator is using the SmartCap properly and fatigue levels are being recorded. The fatigue level is not shown here to ensure operator privacy, however fatigue alarms for this operator will still be triggered if appropriate.

Fatigue Level *


(* levels shown are 2, 3, 3+ and 4)

This will only be seen by certain Fatigue Manager users to ensure operator privacy. It shows the currently displayed fatigue level of the operator. Information about fatigue levels is provided on page 37 of this User Guide.

Plant on less than 10 mins

The plant (e.g. truck, dozer, etc.) has recently been started by an operator.

No Cap Connected

The truck ignition is “on” however no SmartCap card has been docked in a cap or headband. i.e. the operator is not using the SmartCap system.

Cap Off

The operator in the truck is not wearing the SmartCap. A SmartCap is actively operating in the cab, but is not being worn. On some occasions, this message may appear when a poorly fitted SmartCap is being worn by an operator, which requires replacement.

Poorly Fitted Cap

The operator in the truck is wearing the SmartCap; however the system is indicating that the cap may need adjustment.


Fatigue Manager has a communications link established with the truck; however the truck has been shut down by the operator. This may be for crib breaks, shift changeover, maintenance or some other deliberate reason.

No Comms

Fatigue Manager has no communications link established with the truck. This is most likely a result of the truck entering areas of poor reception onsite or because of equipment failure.


If a plant is “unassigned”, the combination of SmartCap hardware has not yet been given a name. This can occur if some hardware is replaced. The assignment process can be performed by clicking on the word “unassigned”.

If a piece of headwear is being used that has not been assigned to a specific operator, this will also show up as “unassigned”. The assignment process can be performed by clicking the word “unassigned”.

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