Acknowledging Fatigue Manager Alarms

Fatigue Manager is the predecessor of Life Hub. For information on SmartCap LifeHub, please go to SmartCap Lifehub.

When an alarm is triggered in one of the plants it will be communicated to Fatigue Manager. Immediately after it will appear in the “Alarms” list in the Dashboard.

The alarm is accompanied by an audible siren (control room users only). Regardless of user role, the top bar of the screen flashes red and black whilst any alarm is active.

Acknowledging alarms is targeted at the control room user role. On the right hand side is a button to acknowledge the alarm. Clicking this button will bring up a set of instructions (if configured) and the option to confirm acknowledgment.

The control room users will have the option to snooze an alarm. This will stop the siren for 10 seconds.

When an alarm is triggered in Fatigue Manager it will be visible from every page, whilst any alarms are active. Even when the user has navigated away from the Dashboard.

NOTE: if the alarm acknowledgment window doesn’t come up, check that Internet Explorer is not running in ‘compatibility mode’ enabled. This is not supported.

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