Who is using SmartCap?

SmartCap is being used globally to help manage fatigue and reduce the risks associated with the onset of fatigue with over 500 Mining Systems and over 200 Portable Systems deployed. To date, the most progressed SmartCap user group, with a collective 1.3m+ hours of SmartCap use, is in the Hunter Valley NSW. Other sites that have integrated SmartCap into everyday operations and are using it in varied equipment include the following types of operations, group by location:


Asia Pacific

Salt mining WA Trucks & light vehicles
Aluminium Contractor  WA Trucks & light vehicles
Iron Ore Construction  WA Light vehicles & Buses
Rail Operations  QLD Trains & light vehicles
Iron Ore Mine WA Loaders
Coal Mines x 4 NSW Haulage Fleet
Iron Ore Mine SA Haulage Fleet
Government Authority NSW Light vehicles
Government Authority VIC Light vehicles


North America

Oil & Gas, Remote Operations ND, USA Buses & light trucks
Oil & Gas, Remote Operations AK, USA Buses & light trucks
Copper Mine UT, USA Haulage Fleet
Quarry Operation  PA, USA Haulage Fleet


South America

Copper Mine CL Haulage fleet
Copper Mine Services CL Buses & light vehicles
Exploration CL Large light vehicle fleet
Mine Construction Peru Light vehicles


Sub-Saharan Africa

Coal Handling SA Haulage fleet
Iron Ore Mine SA Haulage fleet
Coal Mine SA Haulage fleet
Mineral Mine SA Haulage fleet and cranes



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