SmartCap System Overview

This article is about the original SmartCap hardware. For Life by SmartCap hardware, please go to Life by SmartCap

The SmartCap Personal System comprises all of the necessary components for personal fatigue monitoring, and can be used in a light vehicle, heavy equipment or office setting. It consists of SmartCap headwear, SmartCap display and SmartCap Fatigue Processor Cards.

SmartCap headwear comes in many forms, the most popular of which is worn like a typical baseball cap. Typically, drivers are provided with their own headwear which contain basic electronics concealed in the lining for brainwave measurement, the basis for calculating SmartCap fatigue levels.

The core electronics are contained in the SmartCap Processor Cards, or SP Cards, that can be inserted in a connector on any SmartCap headwear. Once docked in headwear, these cards determine SmartCap fatigue levels using the SmartCap Universal Fatigue Algorithm, and communicate with the SmartCap Display using a low-power Bluetooth connection.

The SmartCap display is a simple-to-use touch interface for the user that provides real-time information including fatigue measurements presented on a numerical scale, fatigue alarms and connectivity status. All information is stored in the SmartCap display which can be downloaded for analysis or communicated over a wireless network when interfaced with a SmartCap Base Unit, 3G modem, or integrated with a third party device.

If multiple SmartCap systems are in use and connected to a wireless network, fatigue information can be centrally monitored using the SmartCap Fatigue Manager Web application, which can be locally or cloud hosted. Fatigue Manager features advanced reporting and notification capabilities, and its core database is readily integrated with other enterprise systems.




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