Are there any side effects of SmartCap use?

SmartCap Technologies is absolutely committed to safety, and to deliver products and services to our clients that are safe to use, and that facilitate genuine safety improvements.

There are no known side effects of long-term SmartCap use. The technology and materials used in SmartCap are well established, and have been in use for many years. 

The SmartCap meets the General Public requirements of the ARPANSA Radiation Protection Standard (2003), which provides codes of practice and requirements for radiation protection. The standards applied recognise where and how the SmartCap is used, meaning that the SmartCap is safe to be worn on the head, 24 hours a day, for an entire lifetime.

In order to avoid the minor side-effects associated with all clothing, we recommend that users do not over-tighten their SmartCap headwear. Wearing the SmartCap too tightly can result in an external compression headache. SmartCap headwear should always be worn at a comfortable tension. Also, we recommend that SmartCap headwear be cleaned at least every three months. You can download the SmartCap care instructions below. 

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