Understanding ticket status

Each support request is managed as a ticket, and every ticket is assigned a status which may change throughout the life of the ticket. 

A ticket's status will be changed by our support team, so the only thing you'll need to be familiar with is what each status means. 

There are six values for status: New, Open, Pending, On-Hold, Solved and Closed, which are explained here:

New  The request was received but that it has not been opened and has probably not been assigned to an agent. The New status can indicate that the support team is evaluating it to determine who should be assigned to resolve it.
Open The request has been assigned to an agent who is working to resolve it.
Pending The assigned agent has a follow-up question for the requester. The agent may need more information about the support issue. Requests that are set to Pending typically remain that way until the requester responds and provides the information the agent needs to continue resolving the request.
On-hold The support request is awaiting a resolution from a third party—someone who is not the requester or EdanSafe. An example would be when a courier is used to send a unit for repair - the support ticket for the repair would remain on-hold until the courier delivers the unit. 
Solved The agent has resolved the support issue. Solved tickets can be re-opened by replying to the email indicating it has been closed. 
Closed The ticket has been solved for many days, and is complete. Closed tickets cannot be reopened, however requesters however can create follow-up requests for closed requests.


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