SmartCap headwear care instructions

This article is about the original SmartCap hardware. For Life by SmartCap hardware, please go to Life by SmartCap

SmartCap headwear is designed to last. Used daily, each and every SmartCap should last for years. Follow these care instructions to ensure you get the most life out of your SmartCap.


SmartCap headwear comes with a clamshell case for storage and transport. It is highly recommended to store your SmartCap headband or cap in its case when not in use.

The case protects the SmartCap from accidental damage that may occur when not stored properly.

General Use

Excessive folding and bending of SmartCap headwear will shorten its lifetime. Damage to the internal electronics from misuse will void the warranty.

When using a headband, ensure to take extra caution when inserting the processor card into the dock to avoid buckling the internal electronics. Damage resulting from this may void the warranty.


Dust and dirt are bound to accumulate on your headwear, and can be removed with a soft brush. Dust can also be removed by wiping the headwear with a damp (not wet) towel.

It is recommended to wash your SmartCap Headwear at least every 3 months. During use, sweat will build up on the sweatband potentially leaving stains and unwanted odor.

Your SmartCap Headwear should be washed for hygiene reasons, and to maintain that new look and feel.

It is recommended that you hand wash your SmartCap at low temperature (40oC). Your SmartCap can be washed in normal laundry detergent. Make sure to rinse properly to avoid stains from detergent.

Your SmartCap should be line dried in the shade and NEVER placed in the dryer.

NOTE: Machine-washing your SmartCap, even on a gentle cycle in a laundry bag, will result in significantly more wear and tear to the product and will shorten its lifetime. Damage resulting from machine-washing is not covered under standard warranty.


Rain won’t harm your SmartCap. There is no need for plastic rain covers. When using the SmartCap ensure the cap is dry. A small amount of sweat on forehead and headband is normal and will not affect the performance of the SmartCap.

If the SmartCap is very moist, dry it before using it. Do not apply heat for drying. Do not tumble dry SmartCap headwear. Instead, stand the SmartCap upside down on its dome, or hang on a hook in a cool place and let it drip dry.

Refurbishing a SmartCap

With a little care, your SmartCap headband or cap should last years. If your SmartCap meets with an accident, or suffers abuse, consider having it refurbished.

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