SmartCap Headwear Styles

This article is about the original SmartCap hardware. For Life by SmartCap hardware, please go to Life by SmartCap

SmartCap headwear comes in a number of styles and sizes to suit your needs.  The SmartCap Removable sensor can be inserted into any of the below styles of headwear, allowing to users to select the style of headwear they prefer.

Below is an overview of the styles of headwear available

900-00018 – Standard Adjustable Cap

This is our standard cap that a majority of our users find comfortable.


900-00017 – Trucker Mesh Back Cap

This cap is similar to our Standard adjustable cap, though with a Mesh back.


900-00020 – Flat Peak Cap

This cap is an adjustable cap with a flat peak and a mesh back.


900-00019 – Short Peak Cap

This cap is an adjustable cap with a short peak, similar to a jockey or cycling cap.


900-00015 – Skull Cap (No peak)

This cap is an adjustable cap with no peak.

900-00016 – Beanie

The beanie is often chosen for users who are often working on colder locations.

900-00014 – Headband

This headband is fully adjustable and often the preferred style for users who are not used to wearing caps for longer periods of time.

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