Where should the SmartCap display be mounted?

The SmartCap Display provides feedback to the driver, and allows the touchscreen acknowledgement of alarms. As such, it is advisable that the selecting mounting location for the display:

  1. can be reached by the driver without excessive strain; and
  2. can be seen by the driver without requiring excessive turning, preferably within their periphery.

The mounting bracket provided with the display, and the brass housings permit a variety of mounting positions, including the ceiling of the cab, on the vehicle dash, or aside a support beam. 

Apart from the ability to access the display, the choice of mounting location should be the topic of a risk assessment, ensuring that:

  • the display can be appropriately secured, so as not to become a projectile in the event of a vehicle accident; 
  • the display does not impede the vision of the driver; 
  • the display does not impede other safety systems, including access to the seat belt; and
  • the display direction of face does not require uncomfortable posture for reading. 
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