Fatigue Manager Troubleshooting

Fatigue Manager is the predecessor of Life Hub. For information on SmartCap LifeHub, please go to SmartCap Lifehub.

The various services that make up SmartCap Fatigue Manager are typically configured to restart (recover) if errors occur of if the host operating system is restarted for any reason. While every effort is made to maximise system availability, this article provides guidance on troubleshooting in the unlikely event that Fatigue Manager is non-responsive. 


Troubleshooting Steps

Step 1: Start/restart Comms Service 

The Comms Service needs to be running for information to be saved to the database or updated in the browser. If you are able to login to LifeHub yet no information is updating, try restarting this service. 

This service is named "Fatigue Manager".


Step 2: Restart Web Server

If you are unable to login to LifeHub, this indicates that the Web Server is not running. Restart this service. 


Step 3: Check network access to Database

Check that the Web Application Server has network access to the Database host. This is most simply confirmed by successfully pinging the Database host from the Web Application Server. 


Step 4: Check connectivity to the Database

Check that the Web Application Server has connectivity to the Database. This may include checking firewall settings. 


Step 5: Reboot Server

If the steps above have not resolved your access issues, try rebooting the host operating system. After restart, ensure that the Comms Service and Web Server have started. 


Step 6: Reboot database Server

If hosted on a separate server and the steps above have not resolved access issues, it is recommended to reboot the Database Server, after which the Comms Service should be restarted. 

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