Can SmartCap EEG be used for other purposes?

Although EEG is used by SmartCap to estimate an individual’s ability to resist sleep, no EEG information is recorded by the SmartCap system. Once calculations are performed, all EEG information is discarded. EEG information is never stored by the SmartCap system. Also, no EEG information is ever sent by Bluetooth to the Life Display.

The LifeBand does not contain any non-volatile (data storage) memory. Data sent from the LifeBand to the Life app via Bluetooth is sent in packets which contain only the following information:

  • Time
  • System Status (e.g. Fatigue Level 2; Cap requires adjustment)
  • Battery Level
  • ID information (Headwear ID)
  • System Diagnostics (Calculation status)

Using non-retained EEG measurements, the SmartCap produces an estimate of an individual’s ability to resist sleep, which represents an estimate of risk of unintentional microsleep. The cause of heightened or lowered ability to resist sleep is not determinable by the SmartCap tool, nor from its output.

The SmartCap information cannot be used to determine the health or current activity of an individual aside from a binary determination as to whether the SmartCap system itself is in use.

The SmartCap system is intended as a decision support tool for users in the assessment of fatigue-related risks in an operational environment where the ongoing resistance to sleep is safety critical.

SmartCap Technologies is absolutely committed to safety and information privacy. We are committed to deliver products and services to our clients that are safe to use, and that facilitate genuine safety improvements. Please direct any questions or concerns to

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