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Our fatigue monitoring product suite is named Life by SmartCap, which consists of a head-worn wearable (the LifeBand), and an industrial smart device as the user interface (the LifeDisplay) which displays fatigue/alertness scores and history, early warning alerts and risk alarms. The LifeBand monitors EEG, often referred to as brainwaves or brain activity, using patented dry-sensor technology, which is then converted to a fatigue score (using independently validated, proprietary algorithms) indicating the risk of an unintended sleep. The LifeBand can be worn as a headband, or secured in a range of everyday headwear including caps, winter beanies, turbans, and some hardhats.


LifeBands communicate universally to any LifeDisplay using Bluetooth Low Energy. The LifeDisplay can operate in a standalone, non-connected fashion, however typical business applications utilise one or more of the data connection methods (3G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Serial and Satellite) to stream data to our cloud-hosted monitoring and analytics suite (LifeHub).


LifeHub offers a dashboard for a control-centre style interface which incorporates configurable alarms, live fleet monitoring and an array of utilisation and fatigue-profiling metrics. Also included in the LifeHub web application (which is accessible via any web browser) is a number of individual and fleet level reports, which can be used to identify high-risk individuals, perform individual, group, and sub-group fatigue profiling, and system health metrics.


You can download/view a short product video here: Life by SmartCap


Life by SmartCap is differentiated from all other fatigue-related solutions in many ways, including:

  • Early warning: Measurement at the source (EEG) allows Life by SmartCap to identify the full spectrum from full alertness through to significant risk of a microsleep. Our early warning trigger would be best described as “at risk of becoming at risk”, which accompanied by an audible and visual alert, empowers users to respond prior to external intervention being required. A typical, effective response would be to sip water, adjust posture, stretch, or engage in conversation.
  • Accuracy: Again related to measurement at the source, our universal fatigue algorithm represents world’s best practice in accuracy, and does not require individual calibration. Validated independently in both laboratory and real-life operational settings, our product has industry-best specificity and sensitivity. 
  • Driver-centric: Given that our product is a wearable, it is suited to a wide variety of practical applications outside of traditional driving and equipment operation.
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