Definitions Used in Relation to Life by SmartCap

While using our Life products, you will encounter various key words to describe different functions within our systems. To avoid confusion, the definitions have been specified below for your convenience.


  • Register - This term appears when you are asked to register your device. This is required when you are registering your device to your LifeHub portal via the LifeDisplay or Life app. 

  • Pair - Pairing is the act of connecting your LifeBand to your Life app via a Bluetooth connection. 

  • Connect - A connection relates to the data connection between the LifeHub and your Life app via 3G/WiFi/company network.

  • Contact - This is the contact between the skin and the sensor pads on your LifeBand. For the LifeBand to have proper contact it needs to be properly fitted and be free of hair between all five sensor pads and skin.
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