Setting Up Your LifeBand

  1. ATTACH – Remove the tape from the Sensor Dots and connection spots on your LifeBand. Place each Sensor Dot (sticky side down) on the LifeBand one at a time.  Repeat to fill all the Sensor Dot positions on your LifeBand.

  2. CHARGE – Connect the charger to the LifeBand using the magnetic connector. All 3 LED Lights turn on when charger is connected.  When the LifeBand battery is completely flat, the charge time to full power is approximately 3 hours.


  1. POWER-UP – Press and hold the power button (3-5 seconds) until the top 2 lights illuminate green and/or red. The top LED will change to green – this indicates the battery is fully charged and the LifeBand is working. If the top LED is Amber or Red the battery is not fully charged but the LifeBand is working properly. 


NOTE: If the 3 LED lights illuminate in blue, the LifeBand has not started. Hold down the power button again until the top light illuminates in green, amber, or red.


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