GPS Antenna Installation

Mount the GPS antenna in a position such that it has a clear view of the sky, i.e. not blocked by metal objects.

Please be mindful that windshields may contain metal and that it may affect the GPS signal that the antenna is able to receive. The same is true for vehicle roofs and bonnets.

Light Vehicles/Buses: the magnetic mount GPS antenna is intended to be mounted inside the vehicle, but can also be installed on the outside of a vehicle. It is recommended to place the antenna behind or on the dashboard as long as there are no metal objects interfering.

The base of the antenna is magnetic and has adhesive backing for mounting on non-metallic surfaces.

Heavy Vehicle: the pole mounted GPS antenna is to be mounted on its ground plane (metal ring – provided) and intended to be installed on the outside of a heavy vehicle. This antenna does not have a magnetic base and needs to be bolted onto the vehicle. A custom bracket might be required.

  • Please allow for a 10cm air gap to avoid “detuning” when mounting it under a metal ceiling.
  • Ensure the GPS antenna is mounted at least 10 cm away from the ITAS unit, if used.
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