Fitting and Wearing Your LifeBand

WEARING IN HEADWEAR – Use the 3 metal clips provided to secure the LifeBand inside the headwear of your choice.  The Life logo, on the Sensor Dot side of the LifeBand, needs to be on the left-hand side when placed inside your headwear.

WEARING AS A HEADBAND – Use the elastic strap provided and adjust to fit your head size. Pull evenly on both ends of the band to extend the length. To shorten, pull outward evenly on the slide adjustment buckles until the desired length is achieved. If you begin to experience a headache whilst wearing your LifeBand, loosen your LifeBand slightly until comfortable. The LifeBand will mould to your head shape over time and may take a few wears to get used to.


ALARMS - If an alert appears on the LifeDisplay screen indicating your LifeBand is Off or Poorly Fitted please follow the steps below to ensure a correct fit and connection.

  • Check that your LifeBand is turned on. Your LifeBand will automatically turn off after 10 minutes if not connected to a LifeDisplay.
  • Adjust your LifeBand, ensuring all Sensor Dots make direct contact with the skin. Hair between the Sensor Dots and skin will cause a disrupted connection.
  • Replace or clean Sensor Dots with a damp cloth if they appear dirty and/or excessively worn.
  • Stack Sensor Dots if necessary to ensure consistent contact with the skin and a customised fit.

Only reposition or adjust your LifeBand when it is safe to do so (e.g. when the vehicle has been stopped and/or is fundamentally stable, use your trained judgement to deem the situation safe, etc.) – do not put yourself or others at risk in order to make adjustments to your LifeBand or acknowledge alerts.

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