Installation Validation

This article describes in detail how to test end-to-end connectivity and functionality of the LifeDisplay. 

The key items to validate are:

  1. Version check
    1. Life app
    2. Firmware
    3. Configuration
  2. Check Life app is registered to the correct LifeHub

Restart the display after registering to LifeHub.

  1. Communication checks:
    1. Ethernet test – if applicable
    2. 3G test – if applicable
    3. Bluetooth test
    4. WFi test – if applicable
    5. Satellite test – if applicable
  2. Location obtained

After successful validation record the following items:

  • Site name
  • Vehicle name/number
  • Display serial number
  • ITAS serial number
  • Photos of all cable connections
  • Photos of all mechanical mounts


TIP: The recommended approach to document this quickly is by using a (phone) camera and take a photo of vehicle name (often there are labels on inside and outside of vehicle), then the serial numbers, followed by the cables and mounts.

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