Input Power and Wiring for your Life System

When installing your wiring, an in-line power connector is recommended to make display replacement easier. Without an in-line connector the display will need to be removed from the security bracket before the power can be disconnected.

Input power source should be sourced after the isolator and is required to be 12VDC. If 12VDC is not available a DC/DC convertor is required to bring the power source to the correct voltage.

Input power/ignition pickup point must have in-line short circuit protection: 4A fuse (fast-acting). The fuse location should be accessible for servicing and be clearly labelled and located on or close to the existing fuse panel.

To minimize damage to your cabling it is recommended that existing cable runs are followed where possible. Cables should be secured at a minimum of every 300mm with P-Clamps. Cable ties may be used but only as a last resort where there is no provision for P-Clamps and cut flush to avoid sharp edges. Glands should also be used on cables running through bulkheads. All cabling must be kept away from air bags, fire extinguishers & suppression systems in accordance with local regulations as well as hot spots or pinch points. 


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